Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Just Know the Zombies are Headed Our Way!

Hello there everyone out there in blog land.  It's me, "Not Very Amused T."  And let me tell you why! I tell you, those damn zombies are on their way back to the farm.  Now Mom and Dad are living in denial.  Either than or they are plain out lying to me.  First, I caught Mom bringing this book home:

Mom claims that it is actually a vampire book but it sure looks like the walking dead to me.  I mean, come on, look at that blood.  I haven't seen her reading it yet, but I am sure she is prepping for when the zombies return to the farm.  Oh I keep hearing "Calm down Booker got rid of all the zombies months ago."  But really, I am not a stupid pup and I know as well as you do that they are never really gone,  And finally, my last piece of evidence.  I hear things, and I have heard Mom and Dad talking about the walking dead returning on February 8th.  Are they idiots!?!  It sounds like they are actually looking forward to it.  I swear guys, they are not amusing me one bit.  I will leave you with a picture of Cassius.  Mom and Dad say he is dark and sneaky and would be a great advantage should zombies return, but I just don't know.

Stay safe friends and leave me a message if you have seen any zombies in your neck of the woods.


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