Saturday, January 3, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2015 Reading/Blogging Goals

A new year brings new resolutions, which I usually make a habit of not doing.  However, I do have a few reading goals I would like to set for myself this year.

1. Meet my Goodreads Challenge of 66 Books for the year:  Seems like an odd number, but I have my methods.  I have failed in the past at reading 6 books a month due to working full time and slumps that get in the way.  When I set the goal at 60, I usually pass it, so 66 books works out to 5 1/2 books a month.

2. Read and review 15-20 ARCs: I get approved for quite a few from Netgalley and starting to get some from Edeilweiss, but I need to get better at getting reviews done.

3.  Set up a TBR Jar and pick/read one per month: I am doing this in a limited manner,  I am only putting 15 in the jar, and of those, they will mostly be ones I wanted to read this year anyway.  This is one way to shake things up a bit without picking one I don't really want to read and end up starting a slump or cheating and picking a new one.

4.  Read and review one "dog related" title each month: This is just a nice way to tie my two loves - my love of reading and my love for my family/4 legged children together.  I will take some liberties with this and will count any book that may have a dog as a minor "character" or a cute dog or pup on the cover.  My goals - my rules.

5.  Complete at least 3 series I have been reading for some time: Firstly I want to get caught up on the Yasmine Galenorn's "Otherworld/Sister's of the Moon."  I am on book 10 and book 17 is released this month so I need to get cracking.  Secondly, I need to finish "Insurgent" and "Allegiant."  I know, I know,I jumped on this bandwagon late and have yet to jump off.  Finally, I want to complete the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I think I need to read the last 3, maybe 4.  I am not sure and of all 3, this is the one I don't see myself finishing.

6.  LAST ONE!  I want to participate in the year long Hail To The King Challenge which is being hosted by Books with Cass : This details can be found in the link but my Q&A plus goal can be found below:

1. WHAT GOT YOU INTO STEPHEN KING?  When I was in 6th grade, I began wondering into the adult section of our local library and found one of his books which looked really interested,  I thought I was a big shot getting my mother to sign permission for me to check out adult books (it was a small town library - I don't know if libraries still have rules like that).  Been reading King ever since.

2.  HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FAN?  See above - since 6th grade,  I hate to admit my age but that means pretty much for the past 30 or so years and leave it at that :)

3.  FIRST BOOK YOU READ?  "The Shining" and I loved, loved, loved it,

4.  LEVEL YOU ARE AIMING TO ACHIEVE?  I am striving for NO MONSTERS UNDER MY BED which is 8-11 novels or short stories.  I have already read 47 of his works, and only a few rereads I want to tackle, so I think this is a fair goal.  Plus, I checked and he has 2 new novels planned for release this year.  On my TBR are "Mr. Mercedes," "Carrie," "Christine," "It," and a few others.  I also want to read "NOS4ATU" by his son, Joe Hill which doesn't technically count.


  1. I love the idea of TBR jars. I'm hesitant to take on more "required" reading by giving myself another way to choose books that I then have to follow through on, but at some point, I do want to do a TBR jar, just because I love the randomness of it.
    And I need to get back to a number of series, too. I'm actually planning a blog or vlog on it, hoping that hearing people talk the various books up will make me more eager to get back to them. =D

  2. I know, I actually find myself looking for stand-alones sometimes so I don't have yet another series to follow. It helps me feel I have completed something.