Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Reads

I want to thank everyone for all the well wishes as a whole bunch of us on the East Coast weathered Winter Storm Jonas.  We got about 11-13 inches in my neck of the woods.  I was given Friday off and it started coming down around noon...and it rarely stopped.  Hubby, pups and I spent some of Saturday and some of Sunday digging out and Monday was back to work.  It's almost all melted now and although I am not naive enough to think winter is over, it seems like we are going to have much better temps the next week or so.

Here are a few pics of the pups in the snow.  Booker T pretty much wanted to go back inside, but once we started a game of football with them, they both had a blast!

So this weekend I will be reading these if I manage to snag them from the library:

Saga Vol 3 Saga Vol 4 Saga Vol 5

And I will continue to read this one:

What are you weekend bookish plans? 


  1. I love the pics of your dog in the snow. I have had such a good time watch my puppies play in the snow this year. I am hoping to get through a couple of ARCs this week. I am looking forward to your reviews.

  2. Your dogs are adorable! My puppy is tiny, and she was not so much a fan of the white stuff.

    I just checked out Tricky Twenty-Two, the latest Stephanie Plum novel, so that's my weekend reading plan, along with the audio of Timeless (Parasol Protectorate #5).