Friday, July 22, 2016

Weekly Reads (07/22/16)

Pretty much I think this is what our household will be doing this weekend.  It's supposed to be super hot and super humid this weekend which means we will do only absolutely what is necessary outside and the come up with creative ways to keep the pooches cool inside and still work off some of their energy.  Oh, and watch movies and read.  That's on the agenda too.

I haven't read a whole lot this week and actually ended up DNF'ing my first book in 3 years.  I just couldn't continue with it and although moving on with it was sure to cause a slump, it seems it may have caused a small one anyway.  We did watch some great TV though, which may have contributed to the slump.  We watched "The Dog Lover" which was really interesting and was about a worker who goes undercover to weed out puppy mills. "Batman vs. Superman" was also a decent watch.  I didn't think I could deal with Ben Affleck as Batman, but after a while, I got used to him and the movie was a good setup for some Marvel features to come.  Lastly, are any of you guys watching this:

It's a new Netflix series and I became addicted to it last weekend and ended up watching all 8 episodes in three days.  It was really interesting and and although somewhat campy, a lot of fun to watch and I'm really hoping it gets picked up for a second season.  It's a horror/sci-fi story set in the 80's with lots of nods to old-school horror.  If you have Netflix, you should really check it out.

So here's what I plan on reading this last week of July (can you believe it?).  Hopefully by the time this posts I am almost done with "It Happened One Doomsday" and have moved on to some of the others.

It Happened One Doomsday Pride Red Right Hand Wake the Hollow

So what are your plans this week???


  1. I hope you and the furry dudes are able to keep cool in this hot weather. Ugh. I hate hot or humid weather. It's been stuffy here for days which puts me into sloth mode!

  2. I watched Stranger Things is two It was a lot of fun and a bit campy. :) I hope it gets picked up too as even though some things got wrapped up there was a lot of things I still need to know. :)

    Enjoy those reads!


  3. Ooh, thanks for the Stranger Things recommendation. That looks great!