Friday, July 29, 2016

Weekly Reads (07/29/16) - Well, At Least I Didn't Melt Yet!

So it was a hot, miserable week here at the farm.  We finally got some rain on Thursday, and although the temps drop, the humidity didn't so it still feels like a soup bowl.  I keep telling myself that come winter, I'll want some of this heat, but so far, I haven't convinced myself much.  The pups are surviving and love to crash in front of the AC but Booker T is more "pugged" than some boxers so when it's this hot, we have to be careful about him being outside for any length of time.

It wasn't a great movie week.  We finally watched "Allegiant" and I was really disappointed.  It was 2 hours long and I was ready for it to end about 30 minutes in.  Also, I thought it was the last one but I guess there is a final one planned for TV release (or for releases somewhere?) but this one ended well enough for me so for our family, the series is done.  We also watched "Queen of Spades: Dark Rite" which is a Russian horror movie and if you can deal with subtitles, it's a pretty good watch.  The folklore basically reminds me of Bloody Mary, but the effects were good and it was a dark and snowy movie which I enjoy.

However, did you hear????Netflix finally released the Gilmore Girls release date for the new shows - NOVEMBER 25th.  My husband thinks it's cruel to plan it for the day after Thanksgiving as that is when everyone should be watching football.  Also, he now thinks I will wrangle him into watching all 6 hours with me since it's 2 days after our wedding anniversary.  WHO NEEDS BLACK FRIDAY???? It will be Gilmore Girls Friday!!!

Don't really know what is on the agenda this weekend but here are the books I'm hoping to get to over the next week:

The Smallest Evil Pride of Baghdad Red Right Hand To Die Fur

I'm about halfway through "The Smallest Evil" and all I can say is what a strange book. I also can't start "To Die Fur" until at least August 1st since it's part of my "Read a Series in a Month" challenge. 

 So what's on your agenda this week?????


  1. I like the overheated dog pic...oh your poor boys must be suffering in the heat! It's clammy here but not too bad. We don't get seriously high temps here in summer just the odd hot day. Oh dear I see a cat on one of your book covers!!! Booker T ain't going to like that!

    1. There is also a ghost dog in the book so Booker T allows it.

  2. It's hot in my world too, 90s, but at least we don't have too much humidity. Poor doggies! I still need to read Red Right Hand as well, and I'm jealous that you have the new Stephanie Kuehn book, I just love her:-)

  3. It's rained off and on all week but the humidity when it's not raining is horrid. They keep saying it's going to get hot again next week. :( Hope you can keep cool and enjoy those reads! :)


  4. That is one hot dog! It's been really hot here too, and our dogs have been hiding under the table where the shadows are cool, sprawled out so they can spread as much of themselves over the cold tiles. It's cute and pitiful at the same time.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum