Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Can't Believe It's Been a Year


A year ago today, I was forced to say goodbye to my best friend and soul pup, Cassius Gray.  His illness kind of blindsided us, but in retrospect, it explained a lot about his behavior his last 6 months.  I love all my dogs, and consider them my children, but I won't lie, Cassius and I had a special connection.  I was definitely his person and not a day goes by that I don't wish he was still here.  So, I wanted to honor him today by sharing some things I want him to know.

1. Sometimes Mommy and Daddy still cry when thinking about you.  However, they are tears of love and joy and it usually happens when we are discussing funny things you did like the night you got mad because we weren't paying attention and threw a tennis ball at the front door - HARD.

2. We forgive you for the few episodes when you went after your brother Apollo and ended up biting us.  You were sick and didn't know how to tell us and we weren't smart enough to catch on soon enough.  You felt threatened by Apollo but know he never could or would take your place.

3. We fondly call the bite scars special Cassius tattoos.

4. Every time I see a bird in the backyard, I know you're visiting us.  I remember how you used to birdwatch and "made" us fill the feeders each year so more would come around.  We always said you wanted to fly and I'm sure you are soaring high and having so much fun now in Heaven.

5.  Apollo mourned for months after you left.  We rarely saw him smile which told us how much he loved you and needed you.

6.  This leads to the next thing, we finally broke down and got Apollo a baby brother.  His name is Ezekiel but we call him Zeke/Zekey.  He is an absolute nut, but he has helped Apollo so much.

7. When Zekey crawls on my lap and looks up at me with his deep brown eyes, I can see the love in them just like I could yours.  Makes me think there is a part of you in there somewhere. 

8.  Zekey loves playing with all the tennis balls you left him and enjoys rolling them under the couch again and again and again so Mom and Dad have to fetch them.

9. Apollo took over your "apartment" in the bedroom.  I'm sure he still feels your presence there.

10.  And finally, we love as much now as we did then and know we will see you again someday.

Love - Mommy, Daddy, Apollo and Zekey


  1. This is a lovely tribute to Cassius❤️ I am coming up on the year anniversary of when I lost Otis, who was my soul dog. So I understand.

  2. I am so sorry. I appreciate every day with Lulu.

    Anne - Books of My Heart