Thursday, May 5, 2016

Glass Shatters Blog Tour

TITLE: Glass Shatters
AUTHOR: Michelle Meyers
PUBLISHER: She Writes Press
PUBLISHING DATE: April 12, 2016

FROM GOODREADS: A man wakes up in a living room he doesn t recognize, unable to remember anything about himself. All he has are the few remnants of his identity scattered throughout the house clues to his past. He soon learns that he is Charles Lang, a brilliant scientist whose wife, Julie, and daughter, Jess, mysteriously disappeared several years ago. Soon, he begins to recover memories memories that may or may not be his own and as he does, he realizes that only by uncovering the details of his former life will he have any hope of being reunited with Julie and Jess. A haunting tale of love and longing, fate and free will, and the easily blurred lines between fiction and reality, Glass Shatters explores the risks of trying to reinvent oneself, and the dangers of pushing science to its limits.

So I finished this book a few days ago and am finally going to try to accurately provide a review without giving too much away. When the book starts, we are introduced to a man who wakes up in an old decaying home, who has no idea who he is, and whose head is bandaged from numerous injuries. Fairly quickly, with the help of a neighbor and her daughter, he learns he is Charles Lang, a world famous scientist. Charles begins unraveling who he is, what caused the disappearance of his wife and daughter 2 years ago, and whether or not he played a part in their absence. That's about all that can be revealed without spoiling anything. Oh, and there is a cute cat named Einstein (coming from a dog person, that's a huge compliment).

I really enjoyed this book although if someone were to recommend it to me, I would probably pass. At one point my update for about 66 pages in was "What the heck." That says a lot. I did not initially find Charles a likable character, but I still wanted to learn more about him. I did enjoy his interaction with his neighbor and her daughter, as well as an old childhood friend, and was glad that he was at least kind to the old man living in his house, even though he had no idea his identity. The book alternates between the present and the past, which is how the mystery unfolds. Meyers writing flows very smoothly and I devoured this book in less than 24 hours. While I don't know that it rates a 5 star read for me, it is definitely well written and unlike anything else I have recently read.

"Glass Shatters" is a relatively short book and well worth the time it takes to read it. I would recommend it for anyone who likes thrillers/mysteries and science fiction. Although, truth be told, I'm not sure what genre it is considered. I hope people give this book a chance because as I mentioned, I would never have believed I would have enjoyed it, but I really did. Meyers knows how to do "weird" and "odd" the right way.

RATING: 4 Paws


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  1. Awesome review this is the first time I heard about this book. And it really looks and sounds absolutely fantastic! I am very intrigued about it after reading your review. Thank you for your great post.