Friday, May 6, 2016

Weekend Reads (05/06/16)

Well, I didn't get a post up last Friday as it was a super hectic week and while this one has been somewhat better, I have still been really busy.  I am hoping this is  a low-key weekend and I can get some reading and relaxation accomplished.  The husband and I did manage to watch "The Revenant" and "The 5th Wave" last week and I really enjoyed them both.  I was worried about "The 5th Wave" as I was one of the minority who really didn't like the book, but I was pleased with the movie and hope they continue on with the trilogy (since I know I will never read the rest of them).  We will probably watch "Star Wars" this weekend, and hopefully I can find a horror movie out there as that is really our favorite genre.  Oh, and how can I forget - GAME OF THRONES!!!!  Without providing spoilers, all I can say it "YESSSS!!!" to last week's episode.  Anyway, on with the reading.........

Pride's Spell True Born The Book of Joe

I am at least half-way through with "Pride's Spell" and hope to finish it today. I really need to get into "True Born" and then "The Book of Joe" will more than likely spill into the next week.  If you aren't reading Wallace's Sin du Jour" series, then you are definitely missing out.

Hope you guys have a great weekend and just for enjoyment, here's a picture of what Cassius has planned for this weekend - chilling!


  1. I'm another one who wasn't greatly impressed by the 5th Wave book. I thought it would make a good film though and I plan to see it at some point. I'm planning to chill out like Cassius this weekend!

  2. I think that Cassius has the right idea! This week was crazy busy for me as well and I didn't get a post up one day either. It happens. I haven't sat down to watch a movie in a long time but I do need to watch the new Star Wars soon. Enjoy your books!

    Carole @ Carole's Random Life