Monday, December 21, 2015

One Lovely Blog Award!

I want to give a great shout-out and a heartfelt thanks to Zhana over at Confessions of an Addict, who nominated me for this award.  Blogging is just a hobby, but after being pretty active this year, I have come to really enjoy it and have met quite a lot of nice individuals.  Go check out Zhana's blog - it's really great!


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     *Give seven facts about yourself
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     * Besides my husband, my grandfather, who is 94 is my best
        friend.  He fought in WWII and received a purple heart.
     * My favorite TV show of all-time is The Gilmore Girls.
     * I love eating whipped cream straight out of the can.
     * When I am really angry or upset, I like to blast Eminem CDs.
     * My entire family,except my husband, calls me "Bobbi" even
        though I don't want them to.
     * In high school, my chemistry lab partner and I threw a
        back-firing experiment out the second-story window.
     * I prefer to drive stick-shift.  Some say I like to be in control all
        the time.

Since everyone is so busy this holiday season, I won't nominate anyone specific but if you want to do this, leave a link here so I can check out your post.  Thanks for the nomination Zhana!


  1. That 2nd to the last one made me lol. "Look out below!" I prefer to drive a stick too, although I haven't done it in ages. And, yeah... I'm a teensy weensy bit of a control freak.... :) Congrats on the award!

  2. You are quite welcome :)
    I love Eminem. I can listen "Lose Yourself" a dozen times in a row :D