Monday, November 14, 2016

Deadly Dog Days (review) - Watch Out For Brutus!

TITLE: Deadly Dog Days (A Dog Days Mystery #1)
AUTHOR: Jamie M. Blair
PUBLISHER: Midnight Ink
PUBLISHING DATE: November 8, 2016

FROM GOODREADS: New to the historic town of Metamora, Indiana, Cameron Cripps-Hayman is looking to make friends with her neighbors. What she isn’t looking for is one of their bodies floating in the canal.

When she and her estranged husband, the town sheriff, are both named suspects for the murder, Cameron takes solving the crime into her own hands, teaming up with her eccentric co-workers who dub themselves The Metamora Action Agency.

As if hunting for a murderer with two high school geniuses, the town drunk, and an elderly kleptomaniac isn’t hard enough, Cameron adopts the five mangy guard dogs of her deceased neighbor. But maybe a stint at playing gatekeeper is just what she needs to come face-to-face with the killer and save another neighbor from being the next victim.

This is a super cute start to a new cozy mystery series and if you know me by now, you probably know that with the pups on the cover, I'm sold. However, I must add that I found this to be a well written cozy mystery possessing all the elements I know and love without being redundant or boring.

Cameron Cripps-Hayman moved to Maramora, Indiana four years ago when she married Ben, a town sheriff. During the four years, she has encountered numerous problems such as an eye-rolling step-daughter, an IMPOSSIBLE mother-in-law, but none have presented the hurdle that finding a dead body in the canal one day while eating lunch has. And if that isn't enough, her husband, whom she separated from six months ago was dating the deceased so both he and Cam become prime suspects.

The dogs in this book are a rather ragtag group. Perhaps because she is one of the prime suspects, Cam feels the need to rescue the dogs of the deceased and opens her house to them. One is mean and cranky, one is huge, one is vicious and two don't have names - although by the end of the book they are called Thing One and Thing Two. Plus, one is still missing and may hold the secret to what really happened the night of the murder. Cam and a group of individuals who are trying to help he revitalize the town (and work of their community service) form a detective group and try to locate a murderer.

Like most cozy mysteries, I loved the small town setting and the characters. For such a cozy little town, there sure are a lot of people with issues living there. Cam also gets a visit from her sister Mel and I love the familial bond and dynamic between the two of them. Cam is a flawed individual and her detective work does not fall into place like it seems to do in some cozy mysteries. For me, that just made the book that much enjoyable. The ending was satisfying and the promise of future installments, which I hope include more of Cam's newly adopted mongrels, has me curious. Definitely considering picking this book up if you like cozy mysteries and like me, love some pups!



  1. I like the cover of the book and it sounds like you've found another series to enjoy! I am dabbling a tiny bit in a few cozy mysteries but I'm still not sure about them!

  2. It was a good one, I liked her team of misfits. :)

  3. I do love me some quirky characters, and it sounds like this book has plenty. Plus quirky dogs! I might have to check this out:-)

  4. You've sold me, Barb! This is going on my must read list. Can't resist a fun cozy and love the critters. Thing One and Thing Two. LOL Cracked me up!

  5. You sold me too, Barb. I love a cozy, especially when there are some dogs involved. :-)

  6. I'm a sucker for pups on a cover too. I'm glad you enjoyed this. Sometimes those covers can lead one astray!

  7. The Metamora detective agency? 5 dogs? This is adorable!