Friday, November 25, 2016

Weekly Reads (11/25/16)

I hope all my friends out there who celebrate Thanksgiving had a great one and that everyone who is venturing out into Black Friday madness is keeping safe and having fun.  That scene is not for me so as you read this, I am settling into a nice, quiet day at home where hopefully, I can squeeze in an episode or two of the new Gilmore Girls.

We had a great low-key Thanksgiving dinner at The Farm.  We also watched the new Star Trek movie Wednesday night while the turkey was cooking in the smoker and although I didn't love it nearly as much as the last one, I still found it pretty good.  However, it was tough knowing Anton Yelchin won't be in any future franchise installments,

Since I've been off this week, I'd love to say that I've read tons, but the truth is, I've hit a slump. Thanks a lot "Moon Chosen."  I only hope I can finish it before Saturday hits. I'm seriously thinking of scraping the November TBR and moving right into December's plans.  Maybe that would help some.  Who knows.  So far, these are STILL sitting on the stack.  Tired of this photo - ME TOO!

Cassius celebrated his 3rd birthday on the 22nd so next week, I hope to have some pics to share.  In the meantime, stay safe everyone and let me know what you're reading this weekend.


  1. Happy birthday Cassius! I hope you received lots of doggy treats! I'm just starting on my December reading plans, trying to work out what I want to do. Sometimes I like the planning better than the actual reading if I get a lot of bad books! Urgh I hate a reading slump. I had my share of that this summer and it will stop me getting to the 300 books read that I hoped to reach. Bummer!

    As for Black Friday, I will be staying in the comfort of my computer chair and scanning Amazon for bargains! I don't do crowds!

  2. Oh no, you are having such trouble with Moon Chosen so I am pretty sure I will never make it, so I might not even try. I would have scrapped that book by now and moved to something :) Hope you get to a better book soon!

    Happy Belated B-day to Cassius!

  3. I was off this week and didn't get nearly the reading done that I had hoped either. I hate it when I get stuck on a book! The Dog Ray is super short so maybe you can squeeze that one in. Have a great week!

  4. We had a good Thanksgiving too- and I also feel like I've been reading the same books for awhile now. This is the curse and the privilege of reading multiple books at a time. I did finish my audiobook yesterday, so that felt like an accomplishment.

    Anton Yelchin's death will never not bum me out. I've followed his career from his first film, and of course he played Odd Thomas, one of my all time favorite literary characters. I even bought his POP! doll from the Star Trek series, which I plan to give an Odd Thomas makeover to.

    And Happy Birthday (belated) to Cassius!

  5. Happy birthday to Cassius! My dog Buddy turned 11 on the 19th and he had lots of yummy treats to celebrate.

    I hope your slump is over for good. Slumps and getting stuck in a book are the worst.

  6. Lowkey Thanksgiving is good :-) Sorry about the slump though. I'm feeling you a bit on that. After reading the Immortal Coil series, the book I'm reading right now just feels kinda meh and it taking me a while to get through.

  7. Aw, I'm sorry you are in a slump, too. It sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving. Maybe things will pick up for us in December.