Monday, May 15, 2017

Booker T and Cass Welcome Auntie Chuckles!!!!

In March, Chuckles Book Cave welcomed me, Booker T, to do a guest post and I had an absolute blast doing it. If you want, you can hop over and see my post HERE.  So this month, I wanted Auntie Chuckles to visit The Farm.  I think she's created a wonderful post for you guys so enjoy!!!  Thanks for stopping by Auntie Chuckles and everyone here is already enjoying your post!

The Faithful Literary Hounds!
In honour of my kind hosts Booker T and Cassius, may I present to you tales of man's best friend. Who else would you want to protect you during the gnashing teeth of the zombie apocalypse? Who will be by your side as you battle mutant spiders and psycho super soldiers?  Who else is going to be there as a faithful companion for you...cats??? Yeah right. Cats would run to the hills and desert you in a hearbeat like the furry cowards that they are! Here are a few books where brave and loyal dogs face adversity with their humans.
1) Joel Baker-Friends of the Family
The Colter family survived the apocalypse but have to leave their home when raiders enter the area. They undertake a dangerous journey back to Jesse's childhood home, stopping on the way at a research facility where they encounter a pack of genetically engineered dogs who adopt them as friends to be protected. They are going to need that protection when their new home proves to be as dangerous as their old home.
The dogs are very much the stars of this book, a pack led by Boss. They are intelligent and take a liking to the Colter family and are there to protect when required. You can't get more loyal than that! The book has that western type feel to it with the bad guys ruling a town until the new people decide to take a stand, but the setting is pure dystopian. Tense scenes but not overly violent.

2) Dirk Patton-Voodoo Plague
John rescues Rachel and Dog the German Shepherd as the zombie apocalypse begins and they escape from Atlanta. John has to make the dangerous journey back to Arizona to his wife with his new friends tagging along. On the road they are going to meet zombies, military men and psycho criminal gangs. The zombies are even deadlier in the female form as they are faster and more agile than the males...
Poor Dog is almost starved when John finds and rescues him but he immediately starts to prove his worth as a brave and faithful companion, warning of zombies and taking on any threat that comes his way. Everyone should have someone like Dog in their life! Fast paced gory zombiefest!

3) Jack Kilborn-Afraid
A helicopter crash near Safe Haven has put brutal killer super soldiers into the peaceful community. They are determined to kill everyone they find so the survivors have to keep moving, running and hiding, and try to find a way to get out of town before the evil soldiers find them in the dark, as family and friends fall victim to the massacre.
Great horror book with characters you care about, evil bad guys and plenty violence and gore to keep horror fans happy. It has the added advantage of a faithful adorable beagle called Woof who is never far from trouble, defending his young owner. It's difficult not to be scared for poor Woof!

4) Sarah Pinborough-Breeding Ground
Matt is supportive when his girlfriend becomes pregnant...until she and the other women in the town start giving birth to horrible spider monsters that are hunting down men for food. The surviving men decide they need to flee to a nearby army base which can be defended and where they might get answers. The spiders have followed and are lurking just outside the gates...
This is a nice, creepy tense novel as the men try to survive the new environment with limited supplies and a deep mistrust of the uninfected women travelling with them. The journey to the base is dangerous but once there, they will be trapped as human nature turns them against each other. The dog companion here is the adorable disabled dog Chester! 

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited by Barb and her boys to do this guest post today. Thank you for having me! Perhaps a few readers might be tempted by these books and get some doggy horror in their lives...


  1. I have only heard of one of these and I have it, Afraid. The others though I don't know but they sound really interesting. :) Great post Chuckles I know Booker T and Cass probably enjoyed it!!

  2. Thanks for hosting me boys and say hi to your folks for me! It was fun to do a nice doggy post!

  3. omg Chuckles! I already had a dog in my survival list but god these books are terrifying!!! especially the last one! I don't want to see anyone giving birth to "things" one of my nightmares. Great post as usual!

    1. I'm terrified of spiders but for some reason I love reading books about them. I guess I'm twisted that way...

    2. haha! I hear you! I read about the things I'm terrified of :)

  4. Replies
    1. You know me and my horror and apocalypse obsessions!

  5. Hi Chuckles! I am pretty sure that I have that Jack Killborn book in my kindle account. I forgot about it but will have to pull it out. It sounds really good.

  6. Hey Chuckles fancy seeing you over here lol. Now I like cats but I will admit, they might just run for it, and in case of a zombie apoc, a good dog might be more useful (and loyal!).

    Genetically engineered kickbutt dogs! Awesome. And I would like Dog the German shepherd by my side too if the end times come. And I hope Woof made it out of his story okay. :)

    1. Hi Greg! *waves* I was seriously worried for Woof, I do admit it! I think if I hear an apocalypse is coming I'll get a German Shepherd...

  7. I mean, I like cats, but yeah, I'd definitely rather have a dog during an apocalypse, haha.