Friday, March 4, 2016

March 2016 TBR(P)

Last month's was not what I wanted although it was actually what I expected.  I am hoping March fares much better.  Let me say though that I am very well aware that this is a VERY AMBITIOUS TBR.  There is no way I will get all of these read, but I looked through this month's releases and this is what I came up.  One is a carry over from last month which is next on my list because I owe Entangled Teen a review.  Anyway, sit back and enjoy my MASSIVE list.  (At least it will make a pretty picture).

Holding Court The Taxidermist's Daughter The Other Widow WE3
Baba Yaga's Assistant Spider Gwen Goth Hanging Mary
Sunshine Girl #2 Mean Sisters Glass Shatters Demon with a comb over
The Thing Is Wink Poppy Midnight Arena All Things

Getting the graphic novels done really doesn't concern me because I usually fly through them. I am in the middle of All Things Cease to Appear and am struggling with it but am determined to finish by Saturday. I will be reading Holding Court next, and absolutely have to at least get to Arena and Wink Poppy Midnight.  Glass Shatters is for a tour the first week in April and Booker T demanded that I read The Thing Is because see that cute dog on the cover - it's name is Prozac and Booker T wants to know what that is all about.

So what are you March plans?


  1. I think for March my plan remains 'read as much as possible'! I'm doing well this year despite continually finding tons of prepper and zombie books to add to tbr! I'm doing an Urban Fantasy week next to get a few off the physical bookshelf.

  2. I always seem to have very ambitious reading plans. I hope that you get a chance to read most of these. I have All Things Cease to Appear to read and hate to hear that you are struggling with it.