Friday, November 6, 2015

Harlow & Sage (and Indiana) - A Book For All Dog Lovers!

TITLE: Harlow & Sage (and Indiana) - A True Story About Best Friends
CREATED BY: Brittni Vega
PUBLISHER: G.P. Putnam's Sons
PUBLISHING DATE: October 2, 2014

FROM GOODREADS: Introducing HARLOW AND SAGE (AND INDIANA): canine best friends who are taking the digital world by storm. Originally created as the Instagram account @harlowandsage by the dogs’ owner Brittni Vega in March 2013, the world first met Harlow (an uber-expressive pooch that brings to mind William Wegman’s iconic Weimaraner photos), and her small and mighty sibling Sage. When Sage passed away in September, Vega brought Indiana, a Dachshund puppy, home as a new addition to the family. Vega’s heartwarming and beautiful photos chronicle Harlow and Sage’s, and then Harlow and Indiana’s antics—from their love of Meryl Streep to their distinct connection with one another displayed through their daily cuddles.

Today, in addition to the Huffington Post’s declaration, “now we are obsessed,” the HarlowandSage Instagram account has over 200,000 obsessive followers and one photo can garner upwards of 30,000 ‘likes’ within hours. This expressive Weimaraner and her two friends the ultimate pet phenomenon of 2014.

MY THOUGHTS:  I was able to snag a copy to read from the library and all I can say is that I most certainly will be buying my own copy soon. Vega's book is told from Harlow's point of view and tells tales about the things she and her best friends, Sage and Indiana, manage to do - everything from holidays, to Sage getting old, to getting a new puppy friend (Indiana) and going camping. This book is a must for any dog lover. The photography is beautiful and the story heart-warming. I could praise this book indefinitely but you really just need to go out and get a copy.


BOOKER T'S THOUGHTS: Mom and I read this book last night in one sitting and it was "paw"fect.  I loved learning about Harlow, Sage and Indiana's adventures and think it is so cool their human helped them write a book (hint, hint mommy dear).  Anyway, while everyone who knows me knows that Maybe, from Jackie Bouchard's book Rescue Me, Maybe is my "book girlfriend" (mom explained to me there is such a thing), it would definitely be fun to have these three gals as friends.  Heck, it seems they like TV as much as me and my brother (mom and dad leave it on for us when they go to work).  I am a tad concerned that Harlow thinks she is a dachshund and not a weimaraner, but hey, who am I to criticize, at least once a week someone tries to unsuccessfully remind me that I'm not human.  Go get a copy of this book now.  And if you love dogs, just go ahead and buy it.  Mom borrowed it from the library and now we are hoping Santa Paws leaves us a copy under the tree this year!

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  1. oh this looks so cute! A friend has Dachshunds XD almost feels like I should totally get this for christmas