Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In the Mood for a Cozy Mystery????

TITLE: A Likely Story (Library Lover's Mystery #6)
AUTHOR: Jenn McKinlay
PUBLISHING DATE: November 3, 2015

FROM GOODREADS: Delivering books to the housebound residents of the Thumb Islands, just a short boat ride from the town of Briar Creek, library director Lindsey Norris has befriended two elderly brothers, Stewart and Peter Rosen. She enjoys visiting them in their treasure-filled, ramshackle Victorian on Star Island until she discovers that Peter has been killed and Stewart is missing. Now she's determined to solve a murder and find Stewart before he suffers his brother's fate.

MY THOUGHTS:  This is one of my favorite cozy mysteries and the sixth installment did not disappoint. I am quickly discovering that I love books set in quiet little towns (I call in the Stars Hollow Affect) and Briar Creek is no exception. Lindsey, the main character and town librarian, once again finds herself in the middle of a town murder and uses her librarian savvy and amateur detective skills to help solve it.

I love that several side characters are more prominent in this story, especially the real police woman in town, and as always like seeing Lindsey interact with some old favorites. The mystery did have me guessing through most of it and even if you may know "who done it," McKinlay has a way of adding in some twists and turns so it never plays out exactly as the reader anticipates.

I really do not like love triangles much in books, but since this is a series, and the relationships develop over time, the triangle in this book doesn't bother me much. However, I will say that while the book ends on somewhat of a cliff hanger, given some things that happen in the book, it really shouldn't be as much of one as some readers make it out to be. I also missed Heathcliff, Lindsey's dog, who wasn't mentioned much in this installment. However, there is a really cute short story at the end of the main novel which definitely made up for his absence.

I will continue on with series as long as McKinlay keeps writing it. It never disappoints and if you enjoy cozy mysteries and reading, I don't know how you could pass up this one featuring one cool librarian!


BOOKER T's THOUGHTS:  Heathcliff saved a life!!!!!  Go puppy.  He gets 5 paws!!!!!!!!


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