Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekend Reads!


Hoping to get some reading done this weekend so I thought I'd add a little update on my plans. Also, hopefully this will help me stay a tad bit more on target with the monthly TBRs.  I have also started reading more than one book at a time and while I don't think it is working out too well, I haven't totally given up on the concept.  Anyway, here's what I hope to open!

I'm over 85% done with this so it should be easy to finish Friday night.
About 1/2 way done with this so I may be able to check it off as well.
And then I will start this one.  I need some horror in my life.

What are you weekend plans and have you read any of these????


  1. I'm doing the same today. As soon as I finish visiting blogs, I'm switching the computer off for the day and getting some serious reading done. I'm so far behind where I need to be that I'm even considering a week long blogging break to get the tbr numbers down again. Hope we both have a good day!

  2. Harley Quinn! that is such a crazy cover, but I love it!