Saturday, August 11, 2018

Books To Bark (and Crow About) Dog Days of Summer Edition

Hello humans!  It's Booker T and Cass here and we have a special treat for you today.  Since Mom is participating in the Dog Days of Summer Readathon hosted by Jo's Book Blog and La La in the Library we thought we would share a few dogs book with you.  The first two are a series.  Mom looked long and hard after seeing the first one on Verushka's blog and even though she hasn't read it, when she just learned the second one was released, she started hunting for it too.  The series features a dog that likes to drink - Cass and I find that extremely funny!

Also, Cass demanded I show you the second one because of the title.  I told him it was about werewolves but he said it couldn't be because the cover looks like the Shaggy DA dog in the movie we watched why the folks were at work one day (shhhh... don't tell!)

The name's Gideon Tau, but everyone just calls me London. I work for the Delphic Division, the occult investigative unit of the South African Police Service. My life revolves around two things - finding out who killed my daughter and imagining what I'm going to do to the bastard when I catch him.

I have two friends. The first is my boss, Armitage, a fifty-something DCI from Yorkshire who looks more like someone's mother than a cop. Don't let that fool you. The second is the dog, my magical spirit guide. He talks, he watches TV all day, and he's a mean drunk.

Life is pretty routine - I solve crimes, I search for my daughter's killer. Wash, rinse, repeat. Until the day I'm called out to the murder of a ramanga - a low-key vampire - basically, the tabloid journalist of the vampire world. It looks like an open and shut case. There's even CCTV footage of the killer.

Except... the face on the CCTV footage? It's the face of the man who killed my daughter. I'm about to face a tough choice. Catch her killer or save the world? I can't do both.

It's not looking good for the world.

Three years ago, someone killed my daughter. I sacrificed everything (the human race included) to learn his name - and then had to allow that knowledge to be erased from my mind in order to save the world I'd doomed. Fantastic.
Now I have to start over from scratch, and who do I have to help me find my daughter's killer? The reanimated corpse of my boss, a low-rent P.I. who's heavily into conspiracy theories, and my alcoholic, foul-mouthed demonic sidekick dog.
Our journey will take us from Durban, South Africa to London, England, where we'll have to contend with Fae gangs fighting for territory, the murder-suicide of two Delphic agents and the seven deadly sins.
Oh, and did I mention planning a heist to break into the most secure bank in Faerie? Because that's on the agenda too. And if we fail? An ancient horned god will destroy London. (The city, not me. Although, to be fair, I don't think I'll survive either)
I had just turned fourteen years old the night my best friends and I decided to kill Mr. Martinsen. 
He was my friend. My mentor. I would even go so far as to say I loved him, as I looked up to Mr. Martinsen the same way I had looked up to my maternal grandfather, who died from a heart attack when I was ten. 
He was the best teacher I ever had. I will never forget him, or the knowledge he imparted to me, as long as I live. 
But on that summer evening just several weeks before I began my freshman year of high school, he gave my friends and me no choice. Things had gone too far. We had put it off for too long. 
We knew Mr. Martinsen had to die.
So what do you think?  We think Mom will love them and you too!  Until next month guys!


  1. I have got to check out that series. And e Dog Days Of Summer book is already in my cart!

  2. Ooh! Dog Days of Summer sounds intense!!

  3. I like the sound of a drunk dog and it's nice to see more books set in South Africa! Good choice guys!

    1. I agree. Not a setting we see a lot huh? I feel I'll love this version of the pup sidekick!

  4. These all sound so good, and I've had Poison City on my list for a while. Thanks for sharing, guys!😁

  5. I totally thought of you when I first saw that Dog Days of Summer Book. :)

  6. Dog Days O' Summer looks kinda intense!